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My teachers gave me much more than just the ability to play an instrument. They showed me what MUSIC is. But the music opened me to a whole new world. 
I had a long way to understanding why I want to be a teacher. One of the most important things to me is to teach my students something that they cannot do yet. It makes me feel so proud when after a year my small students say that the material we are learning is already too easy! 
Teaching for me is not only a challenge to find a way to make the student understand the material but also to help them to grow as a person. There is nothing better than to see how people open their souls to music. 

Music is a big part of my life. I am playing in orchestras all over Switzerland, chamber music, solo concerts, and film music. Despite my three finished master's degrees and several postgraduates, I am expanding my horizons not only in classical music but also in other styles of music. For me as a teacher is important to stay open-minded. 

I am equally enjoying teaching all ages. My youngest student is 4 years old and my oldest is over 80. 

At the moment I am teaching private but I am often in different music schools as a substituent. I am part of SMPV as well. 

In my private class, I organize chamber music lessons (ensemble). My students learn how to listen to each other, how to play together, and how can they make music as a team. These qualities are not only in chamber music but are in everyday life important, don't you think? 

Today I have a small studio that is next to Kannenfeldplatz/Burgfelderplatz. I am happy if my students can come there because I have my all materials there and we can do many fun things (by learning of course) but I have some students that due to different reasons cannot make it to the studio and I come to their homes. It doesn't affect the quality of the lesson but I prefer the studio for several reasons: 
- most of the materials are there 
- for some students (especially small ones) it is better to abstract themselves from the home environment 
- since I have the studio I would like to give it a proper use. 
But as I said I stay flexible (time and place), so there is always room for discussion. 

If you are worried about where to find an instrument and how to choose one, I will help you to find the solution and will guide you through all your questions.

Depending on the request of the student I adjust my teaching program. But there are things that I teach every student the same: 
- solfeggio/theory
- rhythm 
- technique 
- improvisation/imagination development
- detailed work on the piece  

From the parents of my young students, I expect help in organizing the practicing at home (this is a big part of the learning process!) and I would like parents to be supportive and understand the difficulty of the process. 

Pay attention that every cello student in my class will study at least basic of the piano. The piano is an important instrument and helps a lot in understanding at least the theory. There is no additional price to that, it is included in my lessons. 

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have some questions. I am giving the first lesson for free.  

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